essential failure

Go for the essential FAIL

You’re not delivering at work the way you’d like to. Things are starting to fall by the wayside. It’s extremely irritating, because you normally have very high standards. Right now, though, you’re just so overwhelmed with work, you can’t seem to fight your way back to the surface. The way the boss runs the business […]

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Is self-doubt getting in your way? Right now, is there something you want to achieve that you’re just not showing up for? Maybe you’re– not showing up for meetings– not completing work– not setting or pursuing a big goal– not proposing some new venture or idea– not going for a promotion or new job If

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Does overwork cause heart attacks?

One of the symptoms of an approaching nervous breakdown is the belief that one’s work is terribly important.Bertrand Russell The other day a client asked if I thought overwork caused heart attacks. But what is overwork? Let’s define overwork as mental rather than physical, since most of us here work with our heads. Overwork is

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How to outgrow your problems

I hit a bit of a snag recently when I realised I needed to move house rather quickly. I had help making the decision, as I lived in a rented flat and the building was being sold. On balance, staying looked like a very poor option. The thing is, for all my flat’s faults, I’d

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unmodern man

Unmodern Man

An Unlikely Topic Highlighting a Modern Problem My attention this week has been drawn to “The True Believer”#1 by Eric Hoffer, 1951. In the book, Hoffer (a stevedore in San Francisco) discusses the rise of mass movements. I don’t normally study such things, but what caught my attention was this quote describing radicalised people as:

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The things we do from fear

An interesting thing happened when I was researching this article. I discovered that fear is only searched for in Google 10% as often as depression and anxiety. It’s on a par with panic and worry. But really when you look at it, fear is in the back of so much that we do that makes

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