I was a fit, clean living guy with a successful career in I.T. when at 55 I had a near-fatal heart attack running on the beach one morning. 

I am very lucky dude, I have enjoyed a series of wonderful work opportunities around UK, USA and Australia.  The challenges of software development are right up my street and my technical, business and people problem-solving abilities got me in every door. I felt golden.

Now this.

That’s me in ICU after my heart attack –>

I was working at a FinTech startup and I had too much stress. I was burnt out.

I considered myself a dedicated and intelligent guy, I thought I could work it out.

But one Tuesday, I suddenly realised that this level of stress was going to kill me. I quit.

Couple of weeks later I had the heart attack, running on the beach. It was a close shave.

I decided to learn everything I could about fixing burnout.

Dex in ICU
Dex Randall Burnout Coach

Fast forward 4 years

Oh boy, did I learn a lot. I don’t have that level of stress any more. Now I help other professional guys in chronic stress and anxiety, who’ve lost their mojo at work and think it isn’t coming back.

I got my mojo back and I’d love for you to find yours too. Please don’t wait until you crash.

If you dread work, aren’t quite delivering like you used to, are waking at 2am worrying and having a conflict with your family – Take action now, and save your job, your finances, your health, your marriage, your future.

Burnout is a progressive condition, that only worsens until you decide to fix it.  The talents that brought so much success at work can turn around and bite back. 

I can teach you exactly how I recovered. Come and talk to me and let’s make a recovery plan for you.