Leadership reboot for the Very Weary

Work’s been tough. You’ve been working long hours, bashing it out with relentless urgency and competitive drive, holding yourself to very high standards. Now you’ve hit burnout…. So, you try to fix it with discipline and more hard work… Welcome to the club! That’s what we all do. But it’s not going to work. You’ll […]

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Sam’s Story

I just had an email from one of my clients (*name changed) who finished up coaching with me in May 2019. He’s a terrific young sales guy with a strong faith and desire to contribute, both to his work and to his family and community. But he came to me in burnout, while he was

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kill burnout

How not to fix burnout

By the time you’re worried enough about burnout to do something useful about it, you’re probably too exhausted. But here are a few things you might have tried: Beat yourself up more Man up – try to be more disclipined and work harder Ignore the problem and hide away from others Tell yourself it’s temporary

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adequately inadequate

Adequately inadequate

Here’s how to break free of the inadequacy trap, even when you feel stressed and downhearted about it. Even when it’s become a daily torment. I know you want to be perfect all the time and feel confident BEFORE you begin work. We all do. But today if you actually feel worn out, jaded and

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Fathers Day

For all you dads and sons, I hope you were able to connect father-to-son on Father’s Day at the weekend. Did you lark about and enjoy the connection? Then you’re lucky. Because for most of my clients, when they come to me in burnout, life isn’t like that. Family time has become pretty frustrating and

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Creating Abundant Safety

Today I was working with a client on self-criticism at work. We considered the sheer redundancy of it, in most cases. In evolutionary terms, it’s our brain’s job to seek pleasure, avoid pain and conserve energy. So, when it tells us we’re not doing our job fast enough or well enough, it’s just trying to

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Intentional Growth

Intentional Growth

Growth takes commitment and discipline. I’m coaching myself on being all in and taking massive action for growth this week. I’m at an exciting point of business development, creating greater value for my clients, but my mind for sure would like to pull back from the challenge and forget all about it. It longs for

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escape stuck and helpless

Stop feeling stuck and helpless

You’re still working at 9pm. The kids went to bed hours ago, without interrupting you. You feel trapped and helpless against a relentless barrage of demands. You Inbox is bursting with unread and unanswered messages. You’ve almost stopped caring. Too bleary to sleep at night, you turn work problems over and over in your mind.

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heart-centred leadership

Heart-centred Leadership

Burnout recovery is a wonderful thing, but it’s not the MAIN thing. A bit like sex. Don’t get me wrong, I have a HUGE passion to help people recover from burnout. I see burnout as a self-perpetuating chronic condition, where the same hard-hitting attributes that initially bring professional success are brutally reversed to generate anxiety

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