Is self-doubt getting in your way?

Right now, is there something you want to achieve that you’re just not showing up for?

Maybe you’re
– not showing up for meetings
– not completing work
– not setting or pursuing a big goal
– not proposing some new venture or idea
– not going for a promotion or new job

If so, you’re failing to create a change that you want in your life.

Failing ahead of time – by not trying.

Self-doubt is
– marshalling evidence of past failures and pretending it means something about your future
– not showing up for yourself
– staying comfortably stuck
– failing to grow and achieve new goals
– not creating confidence and self-trust
– holding out on people by not giving your full self
– hiding from a glorious authentic future

Self-doubt comes from
– fear of being judged
– feeling not good enough
– believing we’re not clever or qualified (imposter syndrome)
– fear of change
– fear of failure
– not finding ourselves as important as others
– not thinking we deserve success
– doubting our ability to create success
– not being in the habit of trusting in ourselves
– staying small – who am I to do this thing?

Self-doubt – the natural barrier to success

Self-doubt arises naturally any time we want to move to the next level.
It’s very uncomfortable and causes most people to back off their goal.

Going for a new goal will bring up your shit.
It will not feel like rainbows and daisies.
It will be hard.
Otherwise you’d have achieved your goal by now.

But building strength through working with self-doubt IS THE THING that propels you to the next level.
In turn this creates confidence.

If you’re feeling compelled to set a new goal right now, one that will stretch you, it’s because you’re ready to serve at the next level. It’s calling you to rise to the challenge.

Handling the discomfort of doubt is the entry price

Remember, doubt is just a feeling. It can’t hurt you. You may get a urge to fix it, but so what?

We can only grow if we are willing to move through self-doubt. We must become willing to try and fail. Failure is always part of the journey to success.

We can’t avoid fails, but they don’t need to say anything negative about us.

Self-doubt is an indulgent emotion, one that gets us out of trying to do something hard.

Do you want to believe your self-doubt?

What would you rather believe? What would create enough confidence for you to try for your goal?

We think with confidence we’ll sail though life. It will be easy.

That’s just not true.

We get the most confidence AFTER we’ve done something hard.
After we’ve gotten brave and handled all the trying and failing.
After we’ve grown a bit.

If you practice self-doubt, that’s what you’ll get.
If you practice going beyond it, that’s what you’ll get.

Which would you like to choose?

What do you want to achieve?

Are you letting self-doubt stand in your way?

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