adequately inadequate

Adequately inadequate

Here’s how to break free of the inadequacy trap, even when you feel stressed and downhearted about it. Even when it’s become a daily torment. I know you want to be perfect all the time and feel confident BEFORE you begin work. We all do. But today if you actually feel worn out, jaded and […]

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Imposter Syndrome

Imposter syndrome

OK, confession… I once quit a pivotal role in a startup because of imposter syndrome, only to hear later that my boss thought the exact opposite of me, and was gutted when I left. Most of my clients actually come to me with so little energy, enjoyment and reward at work that they are considering

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New Year Resolution First-Aid

New Year’s Resolutions going well? When we make New Year’s Resolutions, we’re often being a tiny bit optimistic. I think we mostly know this. Looking at what happened in previous years, it seems a big ask to expect this change to work. Largely we’re driven by guilt at what we didn’t achieve last year and

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