adequately inadequate

Adequately inadequate

Here’s how to break free of the inadequacy trap, even when you feel stressed and downhearted about it. Even when it’s become a daily torment.

I know you want to be perfect all the time and feel confident BEFORE you begin work. We all do. But today if you actually feel worn out, jaded and stressed – what then?

I bet you procrastinate, judging your work and yourself as inadequate, maddened that you can’t fix it, hiding yourself away in shame. Then, when you get little done, stress increases and it becomes a vicious circle.

Well, what if it’s OK to feel crap and just have a go at your work anyway?

What if that turned out to be enough?

Because the alternative is avoidance and worry – which ushers in even more stress, because you get nothing done.

Here’s a plan B

You can simply CHOOSE to be “adequately inadequate”. You can turn off your inner critic and get on with it, because chances are you CAN do what’s on your plate, it’s only your mind chatter telling you that you can’t.

You can also then (gasp!) ask for help. Asking for help is the most highly-rated practice to build trust. Think of a person you know who never asks for help – what do you think of them? Invincibility (the quality of being too powerful to be defeated or overcome) isn’t a human thing. Be authentic. People like it – it’s relatable.

I believe that people respect us for our strengths, but relate to us through our shortcomings.

Be ADEQUATELY inadequate

What would change for you if you always chose to operate from at least a baseline of “adequately inadequate”?

What if ‘perfection’ didn’t in reality protect you like it said it would?

Perfectionism is just fear of judgment, which is more likely to happen if you DON’T DO the work, because then you will judge yourself for a start and give others the opportunity to join in.

What if gentle self-acceptance was MORE powerful AND easier for others to work with?

What if B- work generally wins the day? (Especially because your B- work will probably look like A+ work to others)

What would happen to your work collaborations, if you just endorsed the value of your own contribution?

What would happen to your productivity?

How about the number of hours you spend chained to your desk?

Adequately inadequate.

Think about it.

You’re a tough cookie and your professional skills are still available. What’s missing is self-trust and a bit of enthusiasm. Come and talk to me if that’s a pattern for you and we’ll talk about how to get your mojo back.

Make a plan to fix your burnout

Tell me what’s happening for you, we’ll make a plan to fix it. Book here.