Creating Abundant Safety

Today I was working with a client on self-criticism at work. We considered the sheer redundancy of it, in most cases. In evolutionary terms, it’s our brain’s job to seek pleasure, avoid pain and conserve energy. So, when it tells us we’re not doing our job fast enough or well enough, it’s just trying to […]

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Maslows Hierarchy of Needs

Why all the fear?

Affluence Despite living in affluent times, where our needs are fortunately met in most cases, we’ve got more anxiety, fear, depression, loneliness and stress now than we’ve ever had. Suicide rates are higher. Addiction consumes us. Our bodies are sicker. Obesity and chronic disease are rampant. Mental illness growing. Being your ‘best self’ We might

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Do you feel safe?

If you lack a general sense of safety in your life, work, relationships and social life – have you ever wondered why? If, like me, you are pre-millennial (born before 1980) you might recall a different, safer experience of life. Looking back from today it appears quaint, naïve even. The pace of life was slower,

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