#1 tip to achieve any goal

Here’s my #1 tip for achieving any goal

Here’s my #1 tip for achieving any goal (includes how to overcome obstacles and not give up) #1 tip to achieve a goal Watch video If you have an impossible goal lined up for this year, I’m going to give you the single best tip I have to get it done. Don’t give up. You think I’m kidding, right? Just don’t quit. If you keep going, no matter what, you will succeed. That’s the only instruction you need. Of course, if it was that easy, we’d all have achieved our goals long ago.

Here’s why you might quit on your goal and what to do about it

  1. Self-doubt

    This may occur before you even write your goal down, but guess what? Self-doubt can’t stop you achieving your goal – unless you give up and take no action. So, the answer is to accept the self-doubt and keep taking action anyway. Don’t let it erode your resolve. Rather say to yourself, “I’m a person who achieves goals, even with self-doubt along for the whole ride.” DONT QUIT
  2. You don’t commit to it

    What can I say. That’s a choice. Write your goal down, along with all the reasons it’s important to you to complete it. All your WHYs. Including building a more solid and trusting relationship with yourself; investing in yourself; finding yourself worthy. Then remember each day how important it is to you and honor that, as you would a promise to a small child. Because effectively that’s what you’re doing – making a promise to your inner child. DONT QUIT
  3. You don’t make a plan to reach your goal

    You will need to commit to the actions you will take towards your goal, to the best of your current knowledge. Put them on a calendar and commit 100%. Then decide to be disciplined and honor each scheduled action as it comes up, whether you feel like it or not. Whether you have something more ‘urgent’ to do or not. DONT QUIT
  4. Exhaustion

    If you’re too tired to take the planned steps towards your goal, the first day you don’t take action you will use this as an excuse to give up entirely. Don’t. You can just say to yourself: OK, I did not take action today, but I’m important and my goal is important and I will tomorrow. Re-commit and find a time of day where it’s easier to get it done. DONT QUIT
  5. Someone tells you all the reasons you will fail

    And you believe theme, right? Don’t. They just had a few random thoughts. Inside you, you know you can achieve great things. Secretly you know you can find a way to do it – get your brain working on solutions, don’t dwell on the obstacles. You don’t necessarily need to know how to achieve your goal at the start, just begin, and keep taking action. The person who keeps taking action will succeed. It’s that simple. DONT QUIT
  6. You take action and it fails

    Great! What if for every 9 fails, you knew you were going to get 1 win? What if fails were an essential part of the process? They are. Fails just mean you’re moving forward, learning as you go and changing habits too. Develop a working friendship with failure – celebrate your efforts AND your fails. Set a quota for how many fails you need to rack up and go for it. Failure is not wrong and doesn’t mean anything, except you’re not done yet. The only true failure is quitting. DONT QUIT
  7. You feel stupid, hopeless, embarrassed, frustrated, demoralised or ashamed

    And probably a whole bunch of other uncomfortable emotions. Great – you know you’re on track then. This goal is not in your comfort zone, right? Of course it’s going to feel a bit off. When difficult emotions arise, that’s evidence you’re doing new things. They won’t harm you. Celebrate and keep going! DONT QUIT
  8. You decide you’ve had a better idea

    This one is sneaky and often cuts in very quickly as an easy-out. After a bunch of experiments, it’s seductive too. But it’s just an excuse. Never change your goal midstream, only your actions. Remember your WHYs. Honor your promise, as to a child. Back yourself. DONT QUIT
  9. You lose your sense of project

    The shine wears off. Your efforts become routine and cumbersome, rather than fun or easy. You have more inner rebellion and lose sight of the importance of your goal and why it’s worth it. This is just an excuse. Remind yourself that YOU are important and remember WHY you are doing this. ACCEPT that you are bored of your goal and rebelling, and that’s OK. It’s tremendously helpful to celebrate your small wins, every time you have one. Reward your brain for staying true. DONT QUIT
  10. Procrastination

    You will do it later, when you have more time or desire. It’s just another excuse and could be prompted by self-doubt. You knew your goal was a stretch at the start, but your brain frequently reminds you. Equally you know you CAN do it, with persistence. Look at your WHYs. Ask you brain to figure out the next step. Honor yourself and take the action. DONT QUIT

S0, there you are. One rule and 10 tips to stick to it.

Your mind will not like change. It will be sneaky and creative in trying to scupper your dreams, probably every day. Be on to it. Accept it. Allow that any thought or feeling may come up as you go. Commit to feeling all the feelings and keeping going.

People who don’t quit achieve goals. Period.

Most people don’t back themselves that far – 92% of people don’t achieve their New Year’s resolution. Most of them don’t even start. So, if you want to achieve your goal Simple!


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