Dex Randall ~ Burnout Coach

Brooke Castillo ~ The Life Coach School

Probably the best Life Coach School in the world.

Coaching Philosophy

I came across Brooke Castillo of The Life Coach School’s podcast one day at random. I’d seen other coaching philosophies, but when I heard Brooke talk, it was as if all the others had misunderstood how simple it was. Brooke overcome her own overeating and overdrinking by trial and error, inventing a coaching tool she calls The Model. Based on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, the model works rapidly on any problem, to help you get a better outcome than you currently have.

The more I listened to Brooke’s podcasts, the more I thought The Model was genius. It’s such a practical tool – easy to understand and apply, with a huge, almost instant, upswing in actual results.  I’ve been studying mind-management for decades, along with many other aspects of human health, spirituality and performance. I’m a successful I.T professional, energetic healer and meditator and I take my own wellbeing seriously. But this blew me out of the water. It was easy! I enjoyed not just the results, but the process.

Your brain is the most powerful tool on the planet. There is no amount of money that could ever buy it or reproduce it.

Managing your brain is the most important work you will ever do to get the results you want, and we are never taught this.

The Model is a tool that’s simple to learn and practical to apply to any problem in your life. If you want better results, use the Model

Training at the Life Coach School

As I applied Brooke’s principles more deeply, I decided to qualify as a coach with Brooke’s Life Coach School. I went over to Texas to study intensively, then took a 3 month mentored practicum as part of a year-long certification program. The study was intense and professional – no stone un-turned – and each year yields a crop of coaches so successful it’s astounding.

Certified coach

Australian Coaches

Now back in Australia, I have joined a budding  cohort of coaches around the country. Each has their own specialisation and I’ve include some of them below. Feel free to contact any of them and tell them I sent you. 

Dex Randall

To emerge from burnout and feel better within 4 weeks, sign up for a free strategy session for a personal recovery plan.

Nicky Hammond

Teaching coaches to take their coaching tools to the next level, with confidence and clarity.

Maree White

Intelligent and intuitive weight loss for professional women over 40, who want to lose 10kg or less. 

Kate Gladdin

Youth resilience expert helping teens, teachers and parents build resilience – inspiring and practical.

Angie Slater

Helping women post break-up replace self- doubt, guilt and low confidence with fun and enjoyment.