Intentional Growth

Intentional Growth

Growth takes commitment and discipline. I’m coaching myself on being all in and taking massive action for growth this week. I’m at an exciting point of business development, creating greater value for my clients, but my mind for sure would like to pull back from the challenge and forget all about it. It longs for […]

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essential failure

Go for the essential FAIL

You’re not delivering at work the way you’d like to. Things are starting to fall by the wayside. It’s extremely irritating, because you normally have very high standards. Right now, though, you’re just so overwhelmed with work, you can’t seem to fight your way back to the surface. The way the boss runs the business

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The perils and payoffs of self-doubt

I grew up with self-doubt. My childhood was long on criticism, short on encouragement. I learned to question my own performance automatically, thinking I had to do something more to be accepted. It was painful, but as a kid, being found wanting by your caregiver is frightening and renders compliance alluring. In my case, self-hatred

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Fail your way to success

Failure – what does it mean to you? Failure isn’t welcome to most of us – we’d rather avoid it. It looks to us like falling on our faces – we may experience it as embarrassing, humiliating or shaming. We might feel stupid and think others will judge us for it. Others may do exactly

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