Sam’s Story

I just had an email from one of my clients (*name changed) who finished up coaching with me in May 2019. He’s a terrific young sales guy with a strong faith and desire to contribute, both to his work and to his family and community. But he came to me in burnout, while he was still finishing college. 

He coached with me for just 6 weeks – which was how I worked back then – and here’s what he said at the end.

So, in his email…

Sam asked me for a recording from one of his coaching sessions, and I was curious why. Here’s his answer –

Things have been going great, I am now doing a lot of sales consulting and find I am helping a lot of sales reps with the same things I myself struggled with and thought it could be helpful to review some of the things I shared and to get a refresher on how I felt back then.Thank you again for being a part of the journey. You are wonderful. Hope all is well!
Sales Consultant

After just 6 weeks of coaching!

I run a much longer program now, because over time I’ve realised that whilst overcoming burnout is a lifesaver with a longtail of benefits, it does not necessarily facilitate people reaching their highest potential in work or life. So the first six weeks is now the bale-out, restoring energy and equilibrium.

Phase 2: Deepen enjoyment and reward

Then there’s a second phase of coaching, teaching clients to uplift their own work experience, deepen their stress management skills and sustainably enjoy work. It also helps them nurture the relationships that matter – at home and at work. There’s a lot of juice in this phase as people can recover beyond anything they’ve experienced before and plateau at a higher level of satisfaction.

Phase 3: High flyer

Then the third phase encourages them to embrace their wildest dreams – to explore the higher good they want to be in the world. It’s the secret leadership sauce. The bit that blows their socks off. Well OK, all three phases do that, but I bet you couldn’t even name your dream right now. 

In Sam’s case, his faith was a pillar, giving him purpose, community and a sense of belonging that supported his growth. I believe it helped him dig deep to resolve his burnout.

Men come to me with serious skills, intelligence and experience. Smart men. Altrusitic men with the desire to achieve and hearts of gold, hidden under the rubble of burnout. So, we develop out the possibilities together. Surely, the world needs great leaders!

Men in burnout do not dare to dream

If you’re in or near burnout are you dreaming of a gleaming shiny future? Or just trying to get through this week’s challenges and keep your head above water? Coping with endless waves of exhaustion, stress and responsibility is all most of us are good for in burnout. It seems hopeless. 

It isn’t. Once you learn how to emerge from burnout, the world’s your oyster.

Make a plan to fix your burnout

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