midlife crisis

Midlife crisis: how to get your mojo back

Midlife crisis looming?

So, you’ve hit that time. You’ve come here because you’ve had a bit of a flame-out. Your batteries are flat, you’ve lost interest in things you used to enjoy. The beauty of your life has faded and left you in a dull routine, wondering what it’s all for. The meaning of life and your purpose have lost a bit of oomph. You feel like sh*t but you’re thinking of buying a new car or a new bike, switching careers or trying a sea change. You’re not ready for it, but you can feel your body and mind waning nonetheless. You start to feel tired and useless, lacking the sharp precision you used to have. You need help my friend.

The truth of midlife crisis

It happened to me. I had an excellent and highly enjoyable career in I.T. where my mind was my greatest asset (well it definitely wasn’t my people skills). Solving problems was fun and I could churn out stellar results without much effort. I experienced mastery and the joy of a craftsman in flexing my skills. For years I walked on water. Until… I began to lose that mental edge and started swimming around in problems that used to be easy. My memory waned and I had to make systems to re-find information I couldn’t remember. I lost interest in the chase – the tasks that used to excite me no longer held my attention. Bugger – midlife crisis! Was it time to buy some lycra? It was! A MAMIL was born. It amuses me to look back at that tragic figure now, but at the time the feelings of helplessness and redundancy were bitterly shocking.

How it feels

If you’re hitting that place, all kinds of doubts and questions will likely be running around your mind. Fear will be creeping in to the smallest transactions, as you sense your loss of power and the status that went with it. You notice small unwelcome changes in your body. Your health might be playing up more than it used to, requiring more frequent medical attention and leaving you tired and demoralised. Life has lost its shine and so have you. The good news: if you’re willing now to open up about your fears and tackle them head on, you’re half way there.

Is this a midlife crisis?

Here are some signs of midlife crisis:
  • Successful but not happy
  • Apathy including loss of interest in work, hobbies or sex
  • Depression – low mood, sadness and lethargy
  • Loss of drive
  • Lower performance at work
  • Less job satisfaction
  • Loss of purpose
  • Feeling that you’re being left behind
  • Desire to walk away from your success
  • Declining sleep quality or duration
  • Fatigue
  • Feelings of pessimism, hopelessness or worthlessness
  • Restlessness, anxiety and irritability
  • Declining mental function
  • Loss of memory
  • Joint and muscle pain
  • Lower levels of testosterone
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Increasing digestive problems
  • Bladder irritability
  • Fading eyesight
MIDLIFE CRISIS: a transition of identity involving loss of self-confidence, anxiety or disappointment that can occur in middle-aged individuals, typically 45–64 years old

Get your mojo back by tackling your fears head on

Now, as you’re here let’s talk about how to deal with this crisis. I’m a life coach and I specialise in working with guys like you at this junction in their lives. A midlife crisis is just a transition moment, where you shift gears or direction. It’s not a disaster – just a normal part of life – and it brings surprising gifts that you may not currently be able to see. I can guide you to find and pursue choices that help you feel deeply happy, connected and fulfilled in the next phase of your life. When I hit my midlife crisis, I reflected on my dreams and desires. I wanted to pursue a new career in energetic healing and life coaching, which had been a richly rewarding sideline until that date. I wanted to connect directly with others to facilitate healing, believing that every human is perfect and has within them everything they need to heal. All it takes is for people to access that part of themselves and restore harmony, flow and balance to their lives. For me, living with heart, spirit and purpose became vital and I urgently needed to be of service to the community in my remaining time. And so it began.

It’s YOUR life

Now you- what do you need? Who are you now? What are your dreams and desires? What would it take for you to re-align yourself with your authentic self, bringing back your flow and mojo? If you want to continue your life with grace (and mojo!), now is the time to discover how to get back to integrity with the real you. The good news is, you don’t need to change your life, you can enjoy it as it is. Humans in the end are unknowable but YOUR inner guide will tell YOU what to do. Lift up your head and your heart, refuse to limit yourself and your path will appear. Know that the way forward asks for a gentle kindness towards yourself and I can support you in this. self-approval
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Make a plan to fix your burnout

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