Leadership reboot for the Very Weary

Work’s been tough. You’ve been working long hours, bashing it out with relentless urgency and competitive drive, holding yourself to very high standards.

Now you’ve hit burnout….

So, you try to fix it with discipline and more hard work… Welcome to the club! That’s what we all do.

But it’s not going to work. You’ll just get more and more exhausted and demotivated.  Your task list won’t get any shorter, and you’ll disappointing yourself.

Here’s why.

The habits that got you in to burnout won’t get you out.

I know you’re a smart man. Brilliant even. But right now, a very irritated one.

Don’t worry, you’ve got more in the tank than you think, you’re ready to deliver again.

Here’s the secret:

Burnout is actually the launchpad to sustainable leadership.

You’re just burning down an M.O. that’s had its time. A new more user-friendly way awaits.

I can teach you the skills to reboot your performance and leadership. You will start to feel more in control right away.

Your passion for your mission will bounce back and your performance will start to shine. Work challenges will become fun again, just like when you started. Only now, working with people will be easier too.

If you master these simple burnout transformation skills and start to flourish, what could you do with your career? your life? your relationships? What would change for you?

To stop dragging along in anxiety and despair, come and talk to me. Tell me what’s happening at work and we’ll make a custom plan to fix it. And then some.

P.S. Don’t wait to get an elbow in the ribs, burnout is 100% fixable. I can teach you how to get your passion and performance back. Let’s talk.

Make a plan to fix your burnout

Tell me what’s happening for you, we’ll make a plan to fix it. Book here.