how to achieve an impossible goal

10 key steps to achieve an impossible goal, instead of stopping half way

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COVID – the dark cloud

Let’s admit it’s been a tough, challenging year for most of us. Covid has left an indelible mark on our minds and hearts. It has impacted our morale, mental and physical health, families, communities, jobs, schooling and finances. Many people, such as those working in emergency services and other caring professions, or those already disadvantaged, have been traumatised and have experienced Covid-related emotional and physical fatigue. We all know people who have faced loss.

However, as I write this, the vaccines are about to be deployed and as the year closes, there are glimmers of hope for more peaceful times.

Look to the Future

At year end, in the period previously known as the festive season, we may not be able to get together in the way we’re used to, but still our minds turn to next year, and how it can be better than this year.

Personally, I prefer looking forward to looking back.

We have the power in our humanity to create a better future.

It’s a choice.

A choice that, reflecting on what we’ve learned about our planet, community and support this year, we would do well to exercise.

Life isn’t happening to us, it’s happening for us.

The nature of all life is uncertainty, yet we cling to the desire to control.

Life wakes us up to who we need be – to our strength and capabilities.

It guides us, but not always with a gentle nudge.

If we don’t listen, it throws a piano.

I guess with a piano collection forming in my backyard, I’m going to act.

How about you?

What do you want to achieve in 2021?

Who do you want to BE in 2021?

If you knew that you could achieve your dream, what would you aim for?

Do you feel the itch of dis-satisfaction that you’re not yet moving towards it?

And if so, what’s stopping you?

Sometimes we want to make more of an impact in life but still we hold back.
I held back for years, but engaging feels a lot better!

Are you in?

In December I’m going to be running a series of videos and posts around setting and achieving goals.

Let’s do this thing together, to make an impact in 2021.

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