How blocking your emotions harms your health

If you have a life experience that triggers grief, but you bottle it up, know that it can’t be deleted.

It will wait until you’re ready, then return.

To be heard.

To be honoured.

To be felt.

Trauma is the same. If we witness or experience a traumatic event, that we don’t have the capacity to deal with – it’s too powerful and overwhelming – our subconscious mind parks the trauma, until a moment in our future when we have the resources to deal with it. Then it pops it back up to consciousness for feeling and healing. And we feel the full impact of the experience that we parked.

The same is true of any feeling – anger, sadness, irritation, frustration, resentment, excitement, happiness or any other. When the feeling pops up, we reach immediately for food, drink, social media… etc

Unwillingness to feel is at the root of all addiction.

You don’t have to feel

But here’s the thing. Parking our feelings takes energy.

The more we park, the more energy it takes to hold it down.

Then we become even more afraid to feel it, thinking the tidal wave of emotion will drown us, once we let it out. We think it will be out of control and we won’t be able to stop it. So, we suppress it even harder.

The accumulated energy of keeping emotions locked away is stored in our bodies and minds. It presses on our rib cage, skull, jaw, shoulders and hips. It bursts out in rashes. It explodes in injuries. And finally, it pressurises our organs and systems to the point of disease. We become ill. Chronically ill. We develop illnesses of the stomach, brain, heart, liver, lungs. This compromises our body’s ability to function normally.

Then we worry a whole lot more. By this time our addictive behaviours have escalated and we’re worried about them too. But we can’t stop. We keep forcing back the tide of unwanted emotions. Holding them in. The tension in our body manifests as pain. Headaches, backaches. Or insomnia. If we push our bodies further, we will experience breakdown – burnout – of the mind and body. For example, heart attack.

If that’s you, you’ve had the final warning already.

The antidote

Feel your emotions

All of them.

Especially the ones you normally block.

Feel them – they’re just sensations – vibrations in your body.

They won’t hurt you. They can’t. Unless you resist them.

Before I began coaching, I worked as a natural therapist. I witnessed time and time again, client after client, manifesting physical symptoms that the denial of life experiences had imprinted in their energy, in their body. Working with them, I would help them release the pain of the trapped energy. I would watch them heal. A month or two later, they’d have re-created the same pattern – blocking more energy – and be back.

That’s why I started coaching. To teach them how to heal themselves with their minds.

Benefits of letting your feelings out

Coaching teaches us to change our thought habits so we can accept, allow and feel our emotions in an appropriate way, that lets the energy flow freely and naturally release. Releasing blocked energy can

  1. De-stress your system
  2. Reduce back, neck and joint pain
  3. Build healthier digestion, sleep, immunity and regeneration
  4. Improve mental clarity
  5. Increase vitality
  6. Relieve headaches and eye strain
  7. Reduce anxiety and depression
  8. Release the potential to chase your goals

Coaching creates freedom for the mind, spirit and emotions in the same ways that yoga and meditation do.

But it works at a cognitive level – putting you in control. In practice, coaching teaches you how to think better.

What’s not to love?

You don’t have to live like a tightly coiled spring.

Clear your pipes.

Feel. I dare you.

If you’re stuck in stress, anxiety, grief, despair, loneliness – do you also have recurring health niggles?

If you do, think about releasing some of that energy. 

I can teach you stuff that will blow your socks off.

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