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How to Change Your Life : Taking the first step to resolve problems

Knowing how to change your life isn’t intuitive. Many of us pre-millennials weren’t taught as youngsters how to negotiate the kind of life we now find ourselves living – it’s not a world our parents and grandparents knew. So if you’ve come here because your life isn’t satisfying and you’re looking for change, you’re not alone.


Is there some persistent problem in your life – perhaps in the area of work, money or relationships – that’s draining your energy, sucking the marrow from your bones? Was it hard to get up this morning and face the day?

Does your problem appear longstanding and unsolvable, driving you around in circles of irritation, anger or frustration?

Wouldn’t it be great to find the wiggle room for change in that?

It’s totally doable.

A systematic approach to solve almost any life problem

Here are 5 key steps to creating change in difficult areas of your life:
  1. Identify the precise nature of your problem

    What is the exact pain point for you? What is it about the issue that you feel threatened, dissatisfied or attacked by? What belief or need do you have that is being transgressed? Keep this very concise, we’re not looking for the whole story or background, just the crux of the problem.
  2. Explore what your contribution is

    Often we contribute to a problem in some way ourselves. It’s worth setting aside your story and any blame for a moment, if you can, and acknowledging if this is true for you. It gives you back your power.
  3. Understand why the problem is not resolved

    Look only at yourself here. Is there any payoff for you in not having this problem resolved? Are you doing anything to perpetuate it?
  4. Envision your ideal solution given the facts

    Assuming you can’t influence the facts to resolve your situation, notice that it’s not fruitful to rail against them. This includes the speech and behaviour of others. What we can control is ourselves – given the facts what’s the best possible solution you can envisage for yourself?
  5. Take massive action towards that vision

    Once you have your vision, you can turn that in to a goal for yourself. The only way to change is to change, so you will need to commit to massive action on your goal to get the results you seek. Go all out.

Your Powerful Tools for Change

This process is simple but not easy. It goes against our habits and beliefs. If you’d like to know how to do this yourself, I can teach you the tools to tackle your stubborn problems and begin to change your life.

Make a plan to fix your burnout

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