kill burnout

How not to fix burnout

By the time you’re worried enough about burnout to do something useful about it, you’re probably too exhausted. But here are a few things you might have tried:

  1. Beat yourself up more
  2. Man up – try to be more disclipined and work harder
  3. Ignore the problem and hide away from others
  4. Tell yourself it’s temporary
  5. Blame your organisation
  6. Decide to quit your job and find a nicer one
  7. Give up even more family time to work
  8. Run, do yoga or go to the gym
  9. Go to bed earlier
  10. Drink more to relax

The trouble is, fixing the effects of burnout, even if that worked, would just be putting a band-aid on it.

What you may NOT have tried is fixing the causes of burnout, that trigger exhaustion, low morale, poor motivation, stress, anxiety, overwork, disgengagement, frustration, anger, impatience… and so on.

The key is this – you can’t bully or effort yourself in to recovery. If that worked, you’d be golden already. You will need to find a new type of strength through authenticity, not the brittle strength of invulnerability. That will never work again for you. Frankly, it’s better to just stop pissing in to the wind.

Probably you will need to ask for expert help, and that might be hard for you. But all the rest is gravy. Once you stop hard-nosing yourself, something will free up in you and create the possibility of change.

That’s when I can help you. I can teach you all the necessary skills to overcome every symptom of burnout. Sustainably.

Recovery from burnout is simple. Unless you keep going the way you are now.

If you’re ready to recover, call me.

Make a plan to fix your burnout

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