failure to laucnh

Failure to Launch

I’ve only got one thing on my mind this week.

Failure to launch.

I have had a few clients this week who are stuck here. 

I’ve also been thinking how many new adventures I’ve had in the past few years, and I notice the frequency is increasing. This week and last I’ve opted in to a couple more new ventures.

How about you?

How open are you to the new?

It’s pretty easy for us to settle with what we know – in life, relationships, jobs and social life. It takes an enormous amount of pain sometimes to wake us up to make changes, unless we get dropped in to change by fate playing a card.

If you know you need to make a change but you can’t face it, what’s stopping you?

What is that failure to launch costing you?

Living out of synch with your needs and values drains a lot of energy and enthusiasm. It quenches the spirit. Eventually it will make you sick.

I’m not proposing change for change’s sake. Nor am I suggesting that if you have a problem, say at work, that changing jobs will fix it. Actually, if you don’t fix it before you leave, an identical problem will crop up at your next job.

What I am saying is consider if you’re living your full self, to your real human potential. Are you putting up with a low-rent situation in any area of your life, just because it’s easiest?

Pro-active change

There’s another way.

You can re-evaluate more often where you are and if you’re pointing in the right direction, developing the habit of taking the pulse of your life. You can cultivate a mind that is open to change, that refuses to make a drama out of it. That’s the kind of conscious living that will bring you closer to your ideals.

Change doesn’t have to be external; you can equally check your thoughts, speech and actions are in alignment with your values. If not, you can choose to change yourself.

If everything’s sweet in your life, then no worries.

But I invite you notice anything you’ve been putting up with.

Decide now if you want something better.

In many cases the change is not hard to achieve, but it’s hard to digest.

We can practice becoming more flexible and making the mental adjustment to escape our comfort zone.

Pushing the boundaries keeps us alive.

Make a plan to fix your burnout

Tell me what’s happening for you, we’ll make a plan to fix it. Book here.