Do you feel safe?

If you lack a general sense of safety in your life, work, relationships and social life – have you ever wondered why? If, like me, you are pre-millennial (born before 1980) you might recall a different, safer experience of life. Looking back from today it appears quaint, naïve even. The pace of life was slower, …

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Burnout and PTSD

I am writing this week about PTSD, after attending the inaugural PTSD national conversation (conference) in Australia last week. I went along because of the incidence of trauma history among my clients and my own personal experience. I felt that a deeper understanding of PTSD would help both me and others. In the event, I …

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Chris Kresser Book Unconventional Medicine

Unconventional Medicine

There is something slightly heretical about Unconventional Medicine, and about time! I have been following Chris Kresser’s podcast and blog for some time now and really value his take on modern treatment of chronic disease. He has produced a very large catalog of well-researched articles on new approaches to chronic illness. His work is based …

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ATMS Gut-Brain Seminar

ATMS Gut-Brain Connection Seminar

I’ve just attended the ATMS Gut-Brain seminar in Sydney today and enjoyed three excellent quality presentations. It’s probably the most hard facts I’ve ever heard about the Gut-Brain axis and the connection between gut microbiota and mental health.  Anatomy and Physiology of the Gut-Brain Connection Michael Solano (Osteopath and teacher, Bondi) Michael explained about the …

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