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Got debt?

Debt causing stress? Do you have an uncomfortable amount of personal debt? Has your debt-to-earnings ratio increased in recent years? Are you in debt stress? Does debt prey on your mind all the time? I read an article in the Sydney Morning Herald this week about the influence of household debt on the effectiveness of …

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Does being a victim really get you what you want?

I was talking with an associate recently who as a child lived in a highly performance-oriented environment. Study, effort, fortitude and mind-based achievements were the family focus. She became a very high achiever academically. However, her parents both had mental health frailties, and could be demanding, harshly unforgiving and unpredictable. She developed a victim mentality …

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How to outgrow your problems

I hit a bit of a snag recently when I realised I needed to move house rather quickly. I had help making the decision, as I lived in a rented flat and the building was being sold. On balance, staying looked like a very poor option. The thing is, for all my flat’s faults, I’d …

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radical candour

How to avoid people-pleasing and other misdemeanours

I’m coming a little late perhaps to this book Radical Candor by Kim Scott (ex-Google and Apple). Two years late, to be precise. What was I thinking? Radical Candor is about bosses providing honest, direct and warm-hearted critical feedback to employees. Nothing new, you might say. Interestingly though, the Radical Candor frameworkTM offers four ways …

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What is Burnout?

The World Health Organisation has this year recognised Burnout as a medical condition. WHO defines Burnout as a syndrome conceptualized as resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed with three attributes feelings of energy depletion or exhaustion; increased mental distance from one’s job, or feelings of negativism or cynicism related to …

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failure to laucnh

Failure to Launch

I’ve only got one thing on my mind this week. Failure to launch. I have had a few clients this week who are stuck here.  I’ve also been thinking how many new adventures I’ve had in the past few years, and I notice the frequency is increasing. This week and last I’ve opted in to …

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unmodern man

Unmodern Man

An Unlikely Topic Highlighting a Modern Problem My attention this week has been drawn to “The True Believer”#1 by Eric Hoffer, 1951. In the book, Hoffer (a stevedore in San Francisco) discusses the rise of mass movements. I don’t normally study such things, but what caught my attention was this quote describing radicalised people as: …

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Find your happy

You’ve heard a lot of tips on how to be happy, but here’s one I’m going to share because it’s simple and it works anytime, anywhere. Calm Your Nervous System In a similar way to meditation, this technique drops you from: physical stress response (sympathetic nervous system – boosting adrenaline and cortisol for fight or …

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