7 burnout sins

The 7 deadly sins of burnout

Burnout looming? Have a look at these and adjust your course… ANXIETY: >> Fretting about self-esteem, status and job security, to the point where we keep burnout a secret.Not asking for help is the biggest single factor keeping us in burnout. It leaves us in anxious isolation and denies us the resources to manage stress. …

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The perils and payoffs of self-doubt

I grew up with self-doubt. My childhood was long on criticism, short on encouragement. I learned to question my own performance automatically, thinking I had to do something more to be accepted. It was painful, but as a kid, being found wanting by your caregiver is frightening and renders compliance alluring. In my case, self-hatred …

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The missing peace

My missing peace For much of what I like to call the middle bit of my life* (*may not be mathematically accurate) I looked for peace. I didn’t have much, but I could see people who did. I was tangled up in a world of busyness, running around looking under every stone for the elusive …

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am i in burnout?

Do I have burnout?

As I reported last year, in May 2019 the World Health Organisation classified burnout as ‘a syndrome conceptualized as resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed’. The three main experiences they reported in people suffering burnout were feelings of energy depletion or exhaustion; increased mental distance from one’s job, or feelings …

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Covid19 videos

Covid19 – tips to reduce stress

I’ve made a free video series with tips on how to survive Covid19-related stress. See Free Video Course – Covid19 Stress Management Please share this post with anyone who may benefit.


Do you feel safe?

If you lack a general sense of safety in your life, work, relationships and social life – have you ever wondered why? If, like me, you are pre-millennial (born before 1980) you might recall a different, safer experience of life. Looking back from today it appears quaint, naïve even. The pace of life was slower, …

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6 contributors to burnout

According to the “Areas of Worklife” model, workload is only one of the six contributors to burnout. Control, reward, fairness, community and values are the other five elements. Control Our need for control in modern life is often thwarted, but our sense of entitlement sometimes tells us it shouldn’t be. In the last century, we had much better …

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