3 keys to success

Key #1: What value am I creating in the world?

Just GIVE. Create as much value as you can and give it freely, not for profit but out of abundance and confidence. Be creative, enjoy, serve, give value and see what bounces back. GIVE more.

GIVING VALUE creates success – not effort or strategy. Value has to come first.

If you don’t believe in yourself (and you don’t, do you?) then you won’t offer value, so other people can’t believe in you either. If you’re focussed only on getting more money, status and success, you are not leaving room for what humans need to survive – service, community, connection, care, working for the greater good. Your higher calling. The ebb and flow of love is what infuses successful enterprise. Anything else is shallow and cannot prevail. Can it?

Key #2: Who am I now and how do I need to evolve?

Success comes when you take the necessary actions to create it. However, you first need to feel that you deserve success, otherwise those actions will be very hard to accomplish. You’ll be running towards your dreams in your mind, but backpedalling furiously with your emotions.

To achieve a new success, something you’ve never had before, you need to change who you think you are. You need to drop your identity. You need to evolve. If your dreams could be created from your current self, you’d have them already.

For example, moodiness and disenchantment at work come from dis-satisfaction with yourself. Burnout at work reflects the crisis in your own life. You can’t solve this by logic, determination, will power or hard work.

With our thoughts, we create our world.

You can’t solve it with your old thinking. Has it worked so far?

Ask: Who do I need to become to have success?

Paint a vivid picture of the successful you – how do you look, act, think, feel? What habits do you have? What worked for you? Who is around you? How are you talking about yourself and your work?

When you think as if you are already successful and enjoy it, if that feels true for you, you can create success.

This is how highly successful people operate. They believe in their future self ahead of time.

Key #3: Love what IS – especially YOU

If you’re the kind of guy who makes quick decisions, you probably base those on strategy, logic and quality. You pick premium. You want to deal with the person who believes absolutely in the depth of quality of his offering and charges accordingly. By the way, this is who YOU want to BE too, isn’t it? But let me ask you this – is there any emotion in your choice?

FACT: Decisions are always emotional. We see a choice to make, then we have a thought, opinion or belief about that choice, which prompts an emotion. We act based on that emotion, not logic. It’s just how human brains work.

Think about buying a car. We compare features and canvas opinion. We perceive from photos that the car evokes a lifestyle or status that aligns with how we want to be seen and therefore feel. And we jump, telling ourselves our decision is practical. Actually, it’s our “dream car”.

The same concept applies to your future success. You can reason all you like, but the course you take is based on emotion.

So how does your dream make you feel?

If you are wildly enthusiastic about your dream but failing to take action, you need to look at why. What is your fear? What’s the worst that can happen? Do you feel unable to own that success, fuelled by a lurking dread of being undeserving and/or fear of failure? If you fear failure, look at your life now and see that you will 100% fail on your dream by not taking action. If you feel undeserving, that’s your real work here.

To achieve a mighty dream requires massive love – first for yourself, then for others.

Change your mind about what you deserve, through the simple love you show yourself. Be at peace with success by moulding your thoughts and feelings around who you can be. Love who you are now AND who you are becoming as your move towards your dream.

P.S. This coaching work is all about love. Learning to love and accept yourself as you are is the key to the life you are yearning for. Learn to tune out your inner critic. You’re not broken, you don’t need fixing, but you do need to abandon your negative self-beliefs and create new positive ones. This is the fuel for success and happiness.

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

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