10 reasons you're not successful

10 reasons you’re not getting what you want

  1. You need to redraw your map of yourself

    • The illusion: You have an image of your minimum weight, maximum bank balance, career potential, earning capacity… etc. that your subconscious mind obeys – it stops you passing that limit and tries to restore homeostasis. Think of people who win the lottery and lose it all.
    • Are you limits just comfort zones that need expanding?
    • Is it true that any type of potential is limited?
  2. You don’t think you deserve it

    • The illusion: You have a vision of yourself as flawed and undeserving of success, in this and probably other areas, based on low self-esteem
    • Who gave you this idea and why?
    • Is this idea serving you or do you want to change it?
  3. You doubt you can handle it

    • The illusion: The thought of being successful has you wondering how you can live up to it, even before you have it
    • What if this is who you re supposed to be and success will draw out your natural aptitude?
    • What if the learning comes as you move through success, and the illusion is just fear of change/growth?
  4. People won’t like you

    • The illusion: People will judge you harshly for your success and you will lose valuable allies and friends, becoming lonely in your success
    • What if you make many new friends, aligned with who you become?
    • What if you develop the skill to BE a better friend than ever?
  5. You’ve never had it before

    • The illusion: You look to your past for evidence of what is possible in the future
    • What if you believed in yourself now and created evidence of success BEFORE you arrive there?
  6. Your parents didn’t have it

    • The illusion: Your parents didn’t have it and you are like them so you shouldn’t have it either.
    • What if you parents set you up for this success that you’re refusing to claim?
  7. You think it might be greedy

    • The illusion: There’s an upper limit you have for money, success, achievement or acquisition, beyond which you would consider yourself greedy.
    • How about if you shifted your limit?
    • Will your success benefit others?
  8. You don’t want to be a tall poppy

    • The illusion: You worry that people will resent you for your achievement and try to cut you down.
    • So what? It will show you that you are following your dreams – less motivated people may not like that
    • Are you judging yourself already, for aspiring to this success?
  9. It’s more relaxing/less demanding to stay where you are

    • The illusion: Survival instincts will have you stay ‘safe’ in the cave of your current existence, miserable though it may be.
    • Are you really loving where you are now, or is your goal worth striving for? 
    • Envision success and your enjoyment on achieving your goal – it will become more natural and familiar to you. Be the olympic athlete, filling their home with gold before competing
  10. Each time you try, you fail

    • The illusion: Success comes from effort, skill, discipline and being smart, so only highly talented and experienced people can have it.
    • Fail often! The more willing you are to fail and keep going, the higher your chance of success

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